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Jun 9, 2021 3:09:00 PM

The 6 Pillars to Having a Healthy Brain

How often are you working on keeping your brain healthy? Every day we should be doing something to keep ourselves healthy and thriving. Exercising your brain is just as important as working out and exercising your body, but many people may forget about or not think of it daily. Good news is, many of the daily tasks we are already doing can play a huge part in your brain health. There are 6 pillars to brain health that we need to work on every day!


Physical Exercise

Exercising regularly can help you by lowering your risk of getting Alzheimer’s Disease. Physical activity does much more to our body than just helping us look and feel good. You will improve your blood flow and your memory. Even just a simple walk each day will help keep you and your brain healthy.


Food & Nutrition

Eating healthy is easier for some other than others. Once you adopt a healthy, well-balanced diet, it can be easier to continue to maintain. Healthy foods help to combat oxidation in our brain that mainly results from stress, which ultimately limits brain functionality.


Medical Health

Are you staying up to date on your health checks each year? Sometimes it can be easy to slip and forget to get our annual checkup, miss medication, or not listen to our doctors. It’s always best to keep up on your medical health to lower your risks for major health problems.


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Sleep & Relaxation

Making sure to get a full night’s rest helps you have a better immune system and helps lower your risk for Alzheimer’s. Try practicing meditation and limiting screen time to reduce stress before bed.


Mental Fitness

We may be good at getting physical exercise, but mental exercise is just important. Practicing daily mental exercises that can be found on the well-known cognitive health app, Lumosity, can help improve your brain functions and decrease the risk for Dementia. Like any other muscle, the brain needs exercise to stay strong and on-point.


Social Interaction

Spending time and creating new memories with friends and family is a great way to increase healthy neuroactivity. When you are engaging in social interactions you are also protecting your self from developing memory loss! Even a conversation over a hot cup of coffee could be exactly what your brain needs.


As you read through these 6 pillars, I encourage you to evaluate your daily lifestyle and see if you are missing any of those important aspects and determine how you can adjust your routine to implement healthier habits for your body and mind. One pillar that can be hard for people to engage in daily is the mental fitness as it is easily forgotten about, or people aren’t sure what to do to help that. Whether you are keeping mentally sharp by building puzzles, playing cards, dancing, learning a new skill, teaching a course, listening to or playing music, using your senses, meditating, or even learning a new language, by engaging in new and challenging activities, you’re positively flexing the most important muscle you have – your brain. Get out there and start this amazing journey to keeping yourself and your brain happy, healthy, and strong.


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