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Jun 22, 2022 3:25:00 PM

Why Now Is the Time to Travel as an Imaging Professional


Travel healthcare jobs have been around for decades. With healthcare worker burnout on the rise, the demand for medical travelers is at an all-time high. Facilities are struggling to keep permanent staff, and many are choosing to leave the industry via retirement, temporary leave, or burnout.

Travel jobs are not new or trendy, so why is now the best time to take a travel assignment as an imaging professional? Aside from the obvious of being a healthcare traveler for the right reasons, here’s why there is no better time to start your travel career as a radiology and imaging professional.


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Imaging Professionals are in Demand.

Facilities are struggling with extreme staffing shortages which means there is an urgent need for traveling imaging professionals nationwide.  As a traveler who is searching for an assignment during a time when help is in high demand, you get the pick of the litter when it comes to assignment destinations.


Travel Pay.

Spoiler alert! Healthcare travelers make great money, and for good reason—they’re stepping up and filling in gaping holes in a staff to ensure patients everywhere can get the care they need (and deserve).


Travel contracts allow facilities to pay elevated wages to alleviate the additional strain and provide some temporary support for their permanent staff. Sometimes the shift isn’t the most ideal, but the pay can make up for it!


COVID-19 Setbacks and Recovery.

It’s no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic left many of the allied healthcare departments in difficult staffing situations due to cancelled on-site consultations, treatments, and operations. From furloughed staff, to limited essential operations and procedures, imaging professionals took a hit on working hours between 2020 and 2021.


While jobs are starting to pick up in the radiology front, facilities are struggling to find quality Ultrasound Techs, CT Techs, Echo Techs, and X-Ray Techs to do the work, who are reliable and stick around. This is where healthcare travel professionals like you step in and save the day!

Travel where your skills are needed


Travelers are Healthcare Leaders.

Despite the unavoidable setbacks, healthcare travelers have risen above the rest to help keep our healthcare system afloat during unprecedented times. We believe that travelers are the true leaders of healthcare. Working in an unfamiliar city and facility brings opportunities to learn new and improved ways to do the job or process. Those who travel are in a constant cycle of learning, sharing, teaching, and improving.


The knowledge and experiences you take with you and share at your next adventure help revolutionize the way radiology and imaging professionals work nationwide, and have greatly advanced the trajectory of  modern-day healthcare.

For more information about the best travel imaging jobs, speak to an LRS Healthcare recruiter and find purpose in your next adventure. If you’re ready to get started, apply here.


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