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Feb 14, 2024 8:30:00 AM

Fall in Love with Your Healthcare Travel Assignment

Fall in Love with Your Healthcare Travel Assignment - LRS Healthcare



Healthcare travel is a journey, not just because you’re packing up and embracing adventure in a new location. You’re eagerly anticipating being thrown into a new situation with the necessary skills, people, and resources to flourish. What’s not to love about that? We always want our healthcare travelers to love their travel assignments, but that all starts with a positive attitude and an open mindset. And then, you work your way through your communication with your recruiter all the way to how you present yourself on your first shift at your new facility. Your overall experience depends on you — here’s how to love and nurture your assignment from start to finish.


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Checking In and Staying Connected

Parting with what’s familiar in life such as friends and family is never easy, especially when that could be anywhere from 13 weeks to a full calendar year. Putting a plan in place before you arrive at your new destination can relieve potential stress and even FOMO (fear of missing out) during your time away from home.

Consider setting time aside to check in with loved ones via phone or video calls as a great starting point. It may be worth having these check-ins scheduled on a certain day and time to ensure consistency and availability. Miss watching your favorite shows with your favorite person? Try Teleparty to share the experience virtually! If you are open to trying something new and are passionate about making a difference, you may want to look into remote volunteer opportunities! Catch up with your loved ones while offering a helping hand to those in need.

Have some extra time off? Try scheduling time for family or friends to visit! If you can’t work that into your schedule, be sure to remind your family and friends to share memories on social media or directly send you videos and pictures of activities they wish you could attend. That way you feel in the loop on current events and can avoid the feeling of FOMO.

If you still find yourself homesick more times than not, we recommend accepting a travel assignment closer to home! Doing so eliminates the hassle and costs of booking flights. It also makes it easier to find time for short trips home. Or meet a friend for lunch at a half point. All of these are solid options that can aid in allowing you to be present at work while making your move feel less drastic.


Leaving a Lasting Impression

As a healthcare professional, the feeling of giving and changing lives is either innate or embedded into your mind. It may even be the reason you decided to work in the industry. You’ve become accustomed to the fast pace, and long shifts, along with the highs and lows of your work. You may feel that you’re constantly onto the next task or even a travel assignment. But we ask you to slow down and think about how you can change your new facility for the better, how can you enhance your patients’ lives, and what can you do to support and leave a lasting impact on your coworkers.

Even the smallest gesture could bring a smile or a feeling of comfort to a patient or their family. If you don’t get the opportunity to speak with a patient directly, something as simple as a note, a sticker, or even having their nurse relay a message. It’s the simple and small things in life that make a world of a difference. How you portray yourself to your coworkers, patients, and leadership team can determine what kind of impact you will leave at this facility.

Something else to consider is how you can make a positive first impression on your new coworkers. You never know what to expect when stepping foot into a new facility. The employees may be hospital pros that know the system like the back of their hand, or they might be new grads just starting out in their careers. Try to put yourself in their shoes. Think about how you can relieve potential work stress.

Those day-one nerves are normal and your coworkers may or may not have experience working with healthcare travelers. You may be feeling like you have something to prove, but it’s all about mutual respect, communication, and cooperation. From the start, see if there’s an employee that presents themself as a leader, someone you can ask questions to and learn the ropes from.



Getting the Most Out of Your Experience

We are here to remind you that it’s not all about work. More than likely, you chose this location and perhaps the facility as well for a specific reason. Maybe you were envisioning yourself as a local or have relatives and friends nearby that you want to be a part of your adventure.

We recommend doing your research and even asking our Travel Experience team for suggestions on how to embrace your new city. Whatever is important to you, whether that’s volunteerism, tourist attractions, nature, a local sports team, or something else, there’s plenty to do. Think about how you can make the most of your short time there!

Try asking a coworker to tag along or for recommendations of their favorite spots. Seeking friendship can also help make your experience more memorable and less overwhelming. They may even have recommendations that weren’t spelled out for you on the internet. Try finding local events, farmer’s markets, or something else that’s locally sourced. You might even stir up a conversation with someone new or realize you have a similar passion.

If you find yourself feeling more introverted, maybe a day at the beach or finding a trail is more your forte. In a world where technology is at our fingertips, there are numerous options to find events, network, or explore unique places on a solo trip. The more in tune you are with yourself and your new community, the more “at home” you will feel.

Another tip is to make your home away from home feel more “homey”. Try packing items that remind you of home as you embark on your new adventure. That could be something such as your favorite candle, a gift you received from a loved one, or a picture. You may find those nerves disappearing as you find comfort in what was once new and unknown. For a more memorable experience, be sure to take pictures, pick up souvenirs, and follow your new coworkers on social media to stay connected.


Ready to Share the Love?

How you choose to love your travel assignment is entirely up to you. At the end of the day, it comes down to how invested you are in your assignment, your mindset, and your preparation. If you want a positive, memorable experience, think about how you can weave in family and friends into your adventures as well as keep up with theirs. Most importantly, make the most of your time there in your new destination. Your patients, coworkers, and community are all there to support you and need your attention as well. What you put in is what you get out of your experience. When you’re ready to conquer and share the love on your next travel assignment, head over to our job board and browse our available postings!