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Mar 29, 2023 10:59:00 AM

Tips for Writing a Healthcare Traveler Resume (and a FREE Template)

A professional and well-written resume is the first place to start when it comes to looking for a new job and getting an offer. It’s no different whether you’re looking for a corporate office job or want to apply for a healthcare travel job.

As one of the nation’s fastest-growing healthcare staffing agencies, we see a wide range of resumes come through our system. Each differs in style, format, and of course, content. And, while there is no one way to write a resume, there are certainly best practices to follow that can help you position yourself in the best light.

If your resume needs an update or overhaul, we’ve outlined a few things to keep in mind before sending it out to the healthcare staffing masses.

Need help getting started? Click here to download our free resume template for healthcare travelers.


Create Your Healthcare Traveler Resume


Tips for Writing a Stellar Healthcare Traveler Resume


Keep it simple.

Your healthcare traveler resume should be clean and easy to review at a quick glance.  A well-organized resume that features only your best skills and experiences allows hiring managers to quickly scan the document. Which makes it easier to determine if you are a good match for the job.


Organize the content.

Step back and take the time to organize previous healthcare travel (or perm) jobs chronologically, starting with your most current job. This helps hiring managers get a high-level overview of their skills and qualifications. Doing so often speeds up the process to get you an enticing offer.

It’s been said that a resume should be limited to one page; however, that’s no longer the case. When you travel to a new healthcare job every 13 weeks, your list of previous employers grows rapidly. Don’t be afraid to venture over to that second page (but do try to keep your resume under three pages).


Outline your clinical experience.

Recruiters are going to ask you about your previous clinical experience including patient ratios and bed unit size, as well as the charting systems you’ve used and the types of patients you typically see. Outlining this info in the summary of your resume gives the recruiter a better understanding of your qualifications. Not only that, but it saves time on the initial call so we can start talking about jobs and locations right away!


Pay attention to the details.

Accuracy matters when it comes to having a well-written resume. Proper spelling and accurate information regarding the location of previous employers, facilities, names, and duties demonstrate your credibility and knowledge as a healthcare worker.

Aside from editing for spelling and grammar, be sure to check that your contact information and historical employment information is updated. Don’t forget to include your most current travel assignment, newest skills, and certifications.


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Be mindful of file types.

Preferred healthcare traveler resume file types vary from agency to agency. This is due to the limitations of their internal software systems. When you’re looking for a new healthcare travel assignment, it’s best to save a few different versions to your desktop, email, cloud, or mobile device.

As a healthcare traveler, you’re likely applying to jobs while on the go so it’s important you have easy access to your resume. The most widely accepted resume file types include Word Document (DOC/DOX), Adobe PDF, and TXT (in this order).

Tip: Avoid Apple Notes, GIFs, MOV, TIF, JPG, and PNG files. These file formats are not supported by many systems and typically load with errors or have missing information.

When it comes to getting an offer for your dream job, getting noticed boils down to being prepared, organized, and attune to the details. The less reformatting the recruiter must do prior to reaching out, the sooner you’ll have an offer (and start day to look forward to).

As a reminder, you’re not alone in this—our recruiters are here to help! If you have questions on how to prioritize your previous assignments, or questions about an upcoming travel job, reach out to an LRS Healthcare recruiter at 1-800-811-0064


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