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Nov 10, 2020 3:32:00 PM

How to Stay Connected During COVID-19

COVID-19 cases are rising all over the world and temperatures are dropping which are making social distancing with family and friends outside a bit more difficult. Therefore, this can lead to an added strain on our daily lives creating a feeling of uncertainty. As we know, the CDC has set guidelines to help with social distancing and hygiene habits to help flatten the curve. With Pfizer announcing a potential vaccine that will not be available for a few months, it’s important to stay connected with loved ones while social distancing. Here are six reminders of ways to stay connected during this second wave of COVID-19.


FaceTime Your Loved Ones

FaceTiming friends and family over the past few months has become a new favorite way of hanging out with loved ones across the world. Catching up with your people can be virtually the same as hanging out in one apartment or a crowded bar, but safer from the comfort of your own home. It’s important to not only check in on your loved ones that you feel distant from but to also give a little extra lovin’ to your friends who may not speak up. Don’t have FaceTime, there are plenty of other free video chat apps available such as Zoom or Google Hangouts.


Virtual Dinner Parties

This engaging and tasty idea to stay connected is next on our To-Do List. What better way to gather people together than attempting to make @halfbakedharvest cozy meal! Simply pick a date that works with some friends, pick a recipe that that sound delicious to all and purchase your ingredients in advance! Your recipes do not have to be complicated. Cooking a delicious meal with friends (virtually) near by can just be your best Adult Grilled Cheese!


Write A Letter

When was the last time you received a nice letter in the mail? Remember how that made you feel to have a loved one write you a note and take the time to buy a stamp and drop it in the mail? Similarly, It is just as therapeutic to write letters to your friends as it is to receive them. This can be a fun way to support local artists by purchasing hand made cards or holiday cards to send to your friends with a short message to show you care. Who knows, you might win a spot front and center on their fridge!


Start A Book Club (or Any Type of Club)

Reading in your free time or after a long day of work may not be for everyone. You can create a book club with a few fellow readers to socially distance yourself while discussing a new favorite book. Not sure where to start? Simply pick an intriguing book from this list, set a deadline, and get to reading! If reading is not your go-to activity to wind down, channel your inner Bob Ross and try a watercolor club. It’s easy to have fun with a large group of friends, just hop on FaceTime and remember “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents”.


Host a Movie Night

The Netflix Party Chrome Extension has been a game changer in quarantine. All you need is Google Chrome to enjoy Netflix and chill from your own home! Google “Netflix Party Chrome Extension”, you can install it, pick your favorite movie, and share the URL with friends. A browser will open with the movie playing and allow users to chat without interrupting the audio and visual!


Play Games with Friends in iMessage

Ready to play an intense game of Crazy 8’s with friends? Or maybe pool is more your style. Either way, downloading GamePigeon for iMessage has allowed users to play games with their friends for a few years now. Choose for over 20+ games that allow anywhere from 2-6 players in each game. Most games are played back and forth through a text message style game play that can be continued at any time of the day. Other games (like Crazy 8’s which is my personal favorite) require users to stay within the app playing each round. Either way, it is a great way to get friends and family of all ages active and having fun during COVID-19.


There are plenty of ways to stay connected during this second wave of the pandemic, but it is important to remember to reach out to loved ones and take care of yourself during these difficult times. It is crucial to stay connected now more than ever. What ways have you been staying connected during COVID-19?

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